Proudly designed and made in Naarm/Melbourne, [ Act one ] aims to tell narratives through unique sculptural silhouettes and contrasting textural and visual surfaces. Our designs embody the performance that is fashion and seek to be worn.

We strive to develop innovative practises, processes, and products through collaborating with creative locals in a variety of disciplines. We deeply value fostering our incredibly diverse local creatives and retailers and aim to restore slow fashion and more opportunity for local manufacturers.

Our slow fashion methodology ensures that our designs have a considered fit and finish while implementing a sustainable production model.

So take your seats, the performance has already begun…..




Hi, I am Tara Sutherland the creator and designer behind [ Act One ].

From a young age I have always been interested in fashion and how what we wear impacts our emotions and our identity. My desire to scribble designs into notebooks and cutting up old clothes at a young age soon turned into asking my parents for sewing lessons.

Completing a Bachelor of Fashion design (Honours) from RMIT University, I found my love for collaboration in design and inspired by the creative network of Melbourne. My graduate collection entitled FORMATION featured on the runways of Melbourne Fashion Week and Capsule Student Runway, images and videos by Yasmin Suteja and Ntombi Moyo, and on stage with Coda Conduct at Listen Out Festival.

[ Act One ] represents a new chapter in exploring the innovation of collaboration and the unique expressive qualities of fashion.